Registering a Domain Name

Choosing a Name

One of the first topics that comes to mind when building a website is the domain name. This is an exciting part of the process and much has been written about how to choose the perfect name. I won't go into all the specifics, however if you are looking to create a professional online presence for your business, you need the right domain name.

Where to Register

I prefer to send clients to Google Domains once they have some name ideas in mind. You can easily search to see if the names you like are available. There are many sites that offer domain name registration, however not all are created equal. Some benefits of going with Google Domains:

  1. Familiar Interface. You may already have a gmail account.
  2. Reasonable Price. Starting at $17 per year.
  3. Privacy. Some registrars don't hide your contact info, leading to lots of spam.
  4. Ease-of-Use. Simple to share management of your domain to a developer, while maintaining full ownership.

Sharing Management

After you have successfully purchased your domain name, you will have to share management of the domain. If you registered with someone other than Google, you may have to refer to their help section or contact their support. If you registered with Google Domains, the steps are quite simple.

steps how to share management of a domain name registered with google

Refer to Google Support section for more details on how domain management works, or how to remove a user.

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