December 17, 2020

How to Add a Product in a WooCommerce website

Check out the WooCommerce Docs for a more in-depth explanation about Adding and Managing Products.

Main Center Column

1. Select "Products" from left hand menu, select "Add New"

2. Fill in the "Product Name" field. The large text field below is for the full Item Description. It's best not to add images here.

3. Enter the "Regular Price" in the General tab of the Product Data window. Additional tabs can be found for "Inventory", "Shipping", "Linked Products", and "Attributes"

4. Enter "Product Short Description" in the bottom field. A short summary/preview of the item description.

Right side column

Here you will find windows to Save/Publish, Set Product Categories, Product Tags, as well as the Main "Product Image" and additional "Product Gallery" images. Additional Information on WooCommerce Tags, Categories, and Attributes.

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