January 6, 2021

How to add Facebook Messenger to your Home Page

I'm sure you've seen websites that greet you with pop-ups of messenger windows, "Live Chat Now" buttons, or customer service with chat-bots. Facebook pages makes it easy to integrate your existing messaging with your website. These instructions assume you have already setup your page, logged in, and are looking at the main page menu.

1. Select Settings

2. Select Messaging

3. Select "Get Started" from"Add Messenger to your website"

4. Complete the Setup

Complete the pages of the setup wizard. You can make changes to Language, Greetings, Colors, and Position. The last page of the setup has a field to input the address of your site, as well as the code to copy.

5. Fill in your Website Domain and Email Instructions

Make sure to fill in your website domain properly, Select "Email instructions on how to add code". Fill in the recipients email address to send the results to your web developer

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